Some tips to post ads on craigslist and how to overcome flagging.

How to post craigslist

Did you think about free classifieds site, Craigslist is a network of online communities featuring free online classified advertisements?You can choose it and post you ads but posting have some difficulties. The biggest problem is ghosting. Read some tips to post ads on craigslist and how to overcome flagging.

How to make the professional craigslist postings

  • Create an ad with effective title.
  • You can insert add with image.
  • Advertising on craigslist is a cutthroat process.
  • If you’re a graphic designer do some sample works for your ad.
  • Give real business email address. Some people will be contact with you.

How to avoid flagging

Step 1

craigslist adposter

craigslist adposter

Choose the correct location for your listing. Choose the Craigslist board that is nearest to your location or the location related to your post.

Step 2
Review the listing categories to select the one that best applies to your post. Keep your post direct, relevant and free of offensive language.

Step 3
Avoid posting anything that promotes illegal activity. Ensure that your post follows all applicable laws, including fair housing laws for hire properties.

Step 4
Avoid repetitive post at same location that can be flagged by community.

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